Chapter 503 Luke’s Harsh Face Became Furious All of a Sudden!

Jason crouched down and placed a finger under Dwight's nose. The man's skin was still warm, but he was no longer breathing. Clearly, he had met his end very recently. Sean and a few other police officers went as fast they could to pursue the killer. He was a scout when he served in the military. His speed and combat skills were top-notch. However, it seemed that the killer was better. No matter how fast he ran, the killer seemed to be able to outpace him. The killer was very agile, and he knew how to take cover behind the vines, trees, and shrubs in the woods. The distance between the two parties grew. Sean could only catch a glimpse of the killer's military fatigues that seemed to blend into the background. The killer was about to escape from his field of vision. With no other choice, Sean grabbed a handgun from a police officer, cocked it skillfully, and fired several shots at the killer's fleeing back. His marksmanship was one of the best in his troop, but he did n

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