Chapter 502 I Want Him Dead!

Wayne was piqued. He stopped tearing away Leia's gown, surprised that the woman would take the initiative. Leia seemed to have noticed Wayne's bafflement. She wrapped her slender leg around Wayne's leg in military fatigues. Resisting the disgust in her heart, she said coyly, "It's been so long since we last met, Wayne. I miss you so much. Where have you been? Why didn't you come and visit me…" Her hand sneaked under Wayne's shirt. A lecherous smile appeared on Wayne's rugged face. His passions rose, and he started talking dirty. "Why, I haven't seen you for a few days, and you can't hold it in anymore? I knew it. Once I've deflowered a woman, they'll always come back for more!" "Aww, don't say that! You're just too charming…" Leia leaned against Wayne's chest and smiled happily. Her actions became more intimate. She did not have too much experience with that sort of thing, but she had seen many instances of that happening in the entertainment industry. Many new female celeb

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