Chapter 489 That Crash Almost Claimed Two Lives. How Could It Be An Accident?

In the hospital. After sending the twins home, Jason returned to the ward. He was shocked when he saw his boss's gaze. His boss had always maintained a noble and imposing demeanor. At the current moment, under the lamplight, his sculpted face looked sorrowful and haggard. Jason was about to speak when his boss turned his hawk-like gaze at him. "Find the perpetrator as fast as you can. He shall not be spared! Zander is already on the case. You should cooperate with him." His voice was resonant and hoarse. Every utterance oozed with frightening coldness. Jason nodded respectfully. "Yes, Boss. If this is an accident…" "It's not an accident!" Jason could hear the anger in Luke's raised voice. "My intuition tells me that it's not an accident! My wife and unborn child nearly died, and they are lying on this bed right now. How could it be an accident?" It was said that women's intuitions are very accurate; sometimes a man's intuition can be equally accurate too. Jason was su

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