Chapter 488 Your Third Child Is Very Lucky

The doctors and nurses following behind Johann treated him like a god who worked wonders. Luke felt nervous even though he trusted Johann's skills. "How is Bianca now?" Johann yawned lazily and said with a smile, "Don't worry. With me here, I can save your wife even if she's one foot in the grave. Your third baby is safe, and she doesn't need to amputate. Are you satisfied with the result?" "Thank you, Johann." Luke's words of gratitude were genuine. He was usually an emotionally reserved person, and he seldom thanked others. For Bianca, he had thanked Johann multiple times. That made Johann somewhat surprised. "Tsk tsk, it's rare that you thank me." Luke was in a good mood. He was generous toward the doctor who had saved his wife. "Tell me what you want. I'll fulfill your wishes to the best of my ability." Before Johann could reply, several nurses came out of the operating theater while pushing a surgical stretcher. Bianca remained unconscious after the operation.

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