Chapter 485 Let's Wait For Daddy to Get Here Before We Decide...

At the hospital. They were racing against time, and Bianca's life was slipping away. The smell of disinfectant filled their noses, adding more unease to the cold air. Suddenly, the door of the operating room opened. Zander and the twins rushed to the doctor in a white coat and anxiously asked about Bianca's condition. Lanie even tensed his little body, almost holding his breath as he waited for the doctor's answer. The middle-aged doctor removed his mask and said solemnly, "Who's the family member of the patient? The patient's in a critical condition and needs immediate surgery. We also need her family's signature before that!" "Doctor, the patient is my employer. I'm sorry, but I don't have the right to sign for her. Lanie and Rainie are too young to take charge, and Mr. Crawford is on his way over right now. Could you please operate on Mrs. Crawford first and have it signed when Mr. Crawford arrives?" Zander was worried, but he was not Bianca's direct family member and could n

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