Chapter 484 Lanie Crouched Beside Bianca Covered In Blood

It was the weekend. When Bianca was heading out, the two little ones were pestering her to go together. Worried about her grandfather, she did not have the extra time and patience to coax them, so she could only bring the kids with her. When the car drove to the shopping mall near Centercourt Mall in A City, sitting in a child car seat at the back, Rainie suddenly said to Bianca, "Mommy, my tummy feels a little upset. I want to go to the bathroom..." Last night, she did not listen to her mother's advice and ate a few more pieces of cantaloupe, resulting in a minor stomach ache. Seeing her daughter's cute face crumpled up in discomfort, Bianca asked Zander, the driver, to park in a nearby parking lot and let him and Lanie wait in the car while she accompanied Rainie to the restroom in the shopping mall. Ten minutes later, Rainie emerged from the restroom. Bianca held Rainie's hand and waited for the green light at the crosswalk, unaware that danger was just around the corner! Lei

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