Chapter 465 Luke Went Down On One Knee and Looked At Her Lovingly

Bianca's body went limp after the kiss. She felt that her headache was becoming more intense. Her eyes and ears took in the bustle of people moving about the hall, the swaying of flowers, the dancing fountains, and the melodic music. The merriment in the hall was a stark contrast to her sorrow. Bianca looked into the crowd. She saw the stern Old Master Crawford smiling and talking to some guests. Louis was overjoyed. Susan was present. She did not smile, but she carried herself like a noblewoman. Even Allison, who objected to their marriage the most, forced a smile on her face as she received the congratulatory greetings for her son's marriage. On another table, Old Master Rayne and Wanda were smiling, happy that Bianca had finally found bliss. Bianca wanted to cry when she looked at them, but she could not allow herself to shed a tear! She forced her tears back and inadvertently saw Luke's friends among the guests: Eugene Hawking, Jim Holston, Percy Mallory, and mo

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