Chapter 464 I’ll Tie You Up and Bring You to the Church If I Have To

Luke paused. The man had been through all sorts of hardships, but at that moment, he felt as though his heart was immersed in boiling water. He did not reply to Bianca's question. Instead, he pressed on her lips overbearingly with a kiss and took away Bianca's breath and the rest of the conversation. No one knew for how long he had waited for the marriage. Ever since he was young, he was sure that he wanted Bianca to be his wife. After conquering many obstacles, she was finally in his arms. He could not wait to tell the world that the woman was his. However, she remained uncertain whether she wanted to be Luke's bride. Luke could not accept that! Bianca was struggling to catch her breath after the kiss. Luke hugged her and looked straight into her eyes. "Bianca, if you want to postpone the wedding, I can consider changing it to a later date. However, if you ever think of canceling the wedding, I'd tie you up and bring you to the church if I have to." Bianca's eyes wer

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