Chapter 459 If You Can’t Let Me Go, Then You Should Stay With Me For the Rest of Your Life

After leaving that harsh message, that person ended the call without waiting for Bianca to respond. Bianca thought that it was a prank call. She wanted to go back to the kitchen when she suddenly remembered that a few days ago, she had met a stranger in the dessert cafe. That woman handed her a CD, telling her that its contents were disadvantageous for Luke. The woman also threatened her to leave Luke if she wanted him to be safe. After she got home, she completely forgot about the matter. As the saying went, pregnant women were easily forgetful. The woman had reminded her about the existence of the CD. She wondered why that woman was so sure that the contents of the CD would be enough to threaten her. Bianca lowered the heat on the stove to simmer the tonic in the pot. She found the CD in her handbag, then took it out and played it. The video played on the screen. Bianca's gentle face stiffened when she saw the contents of the CD. Her body trembled as though she fe

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