Chapter 458 Luke and Bianca Give Mr. and Mrs. Norman the Wedding Invitation!

Leia's confidence was unfounded. She had been preparing herself for her eventual entry into the Crawford family. She learned upper-class etiquette from Queenie and also how to play the piano, create flower arrangements, and cook simple dishes. She even started to learn about investing and business management from her mother. With her talents and her abilities, she was sure to be Luke's wife… Leia's agent walked behind her and told her, "There will be a dinner with the production crew tonight, Leia. I think you should join it. That'll strengthen your relationship with the director and producer. That way, you'll receive more roles in the future." Leia declined without thinking. "I've been busy recently, and I don't have time for any gatherings. Maybe next time." No matter what the agent said, Leia was not in the mood to listen. All the agent could do was to shake her head and lament Leia's stubbornness. When they passed by another trailer, they could hear several female act

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