Chapter 442 He Fears Daddy, But Daddy Fears Mommy

Bianca sighed and placed her phone on the table. She thought that she would visit Old Mr. Norman later. After all, Old Mr. Norman was an important client. Moreover, Queenie had extended the invitation to her. Either way, she felt that she should pay the old man a visit. She turned her head and saw Lanie struggling with a thick book of math problems. Curiously, she glanced over and saw that the book was meant for a fourth-grade student. Bianca took the book away from Lanie and frowned. "Lanie, you'll be going into the first grade soon. Why are you doing fourth-grade problems?" Lanie sat up straight. There was a determination in his childish voice. "I want to skip to the third grade, Mommy. The first grade is too easy for me." Bianca was stunned! As she looked at Lanie saying that in all seriousness, she remembered something that Lanie's teacher said during a parent-teacher meeting. "Lanie is a very intelligent boy. You could even call him a child prodigy. "His intellig

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