Chapter 441 The Children Are Not Happy About How Their Father Pampers Bianca

She did not know why she felt so uneasy the night before. Perhaps her pregnancy was affecting her mood. The unease was caused by something unknown. Even though Luke was by her side, that did not alleviate her worries even by a little bit. Now that she saw that the father and his two children were interacting normally, she felt as though she was alive once more. She felt a little guilty when she saw on her watch that it was ten o'clock. She knew that the other three people were waiting for her to make breakfast, but she had overslept… "Mommy, you're awake!" The observant Rainie was the first to notice Bianca. She tossed her brush away, ran next to Bianca, stood on tiptoe, and gently touched her mother's stomach. "Hi, Little Bro! I'm your Big Sis Rainie! Were you behaving when you were sleeping in Mommy's tummy last night?" It was her habit to speak to the unborn child every morning. She did not know whether the baby in Bianca's womb was a boy or a girl, but thanks to Lan

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