Chapter 43 Luke Was Frustrated And Upset!

It did not matter if they were the same person or not. Bianca was still going to this gathering. Not for her classmates, nor for the senior she could barely remember, but solely for the teacher who once gave her so much love and care, Miss Clinton. It was one thing if she had not heard about Miss Clinton, but now that she had, there was no way she could not go. … That noon, at Crawford Manor. From the moment Luke walked through the door, the old man had been following behind his oldest grandson, asking, “You’re not getting any younger. Maybe you should think about finding a life partner. Tell me, what kind of a woman do you like?” Luke went upstairs without saying a thing. The old man followed him upstairs despite his walking stick, but he inwardly cursed his ungrateful grandson as he climbed the stairs. The boy had no love for the young or the elderly. “Do you like them plump? On the fair side?” the old man pressed. He thought that was his older grandson’s type. Luke walked i

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