Chapter 42 Senior Crawford, Luke Crawford, One And The Same

After Luke left, Bianca stood at the door and stared for a long time. He was right, and the doctor’s diagnosis was right too. However, she did not know if she was right. Her body and senses had completely betrayed her. There would probably be very few women who would not feel anything for such an accomplished and capable man. However, when faced with a man as superior as Luke Crawford, many women would appraise themselves. They would consider if they had any right to feel anything for him, and what the consequences would be. Aside from someone like Charlotte Shaw, which normal woman would be able to match up to him? Bianca knew herself well, so she had managed to keep her defenses up all this while. Today, though, when he forced her so overbearingly, her body had thrown in the towel and betrayed. It almost felt as though this body was not hers… “Your body will speak the truth your mouth does not.” That sentence was actually extremely discriminatory, but today, Bianca had to tragi

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