Chapter 439 Found A Secret To Blackmail Luke!

In Jack's spacious study was a ten-tier redwood bookshelf that covered an entire wall. Rows of books were tidily arranged on it. Leia sneaked into the study like a thief and quickly locked the door. She felt a little dizzy when she looked at the close to ten thousand books on the shelf. She knew that her father would lock important documents in a safe, but she did not know where the safe was. Leia took off her high heels, rolled up her sleeves, and tiptoed over the room to search for the safe. She looked through the shelf, the drawers, under the couch, and even the small attic in the room. Half an hour later, Leia's head was drenched in sweat, but she did not manage to find the safe. Dejectedly, she punched the shelf. She struck something, and with a click, she saw the top row of the bookshelf revolve. The silvery-white safe was embedded in a mechanism on the top shelf. Her heart started to beat fast. She nimbly climbed on the ladder and reached the top shelf and trie

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