Chapter 438 The Secret In the Study...

Bianca was silent. From the moment she knew that Mavis had planted a pair of lace panties in Luke's car, she could tell that Mavis was a scheming woman… However, she believed that the love between her and Luke was indestructible. So what if Mavis was a scheming woman? She was the woman that Luke loved. If Luke had any feelings for Mavis, they would have already been a couple. Mavis would not have to wait. Bianca smiled at Sue when she thought of that. "I know, Sue, but I believe that our love can overcome every obstacle. If he belongs to me, then no one can take him from me. If he doesn't belong to me, then there's no point in me retaining him. We've gone through so many ordeals. It won't be that easy to tear us apart." When Sue and Nine saw how confident Bianca was, they did not say anything. They sincerely hoped that Bianca could find bliss. After all, a good woman like Bianca deserved to be loved. Nina decided to change the serious conversation topic. "Hey, Sue, Be

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