Chapter 435 That Is How Luke the Businessman Seeks His Revenge

The urban reconstruction project involved funds of over a hundred billion dollars. The reason behind T Corporation and Vivi Group's collaboration was not only because of the astronomical sum of money involved, but also because it was impossible for a single corporation to gain sole development rights over the entire area. In an attempt to regulate the economy, the local government did not want to give the entire pie to one corporation, even if the company could do so. Even a single percentage point of profits from this project was a huge sum of money. Vivi Group was not going to go down without a fight. The two parties were caught in a stalemate. All of Vivi Group's higher management was furious. They were planning to fight tooth and nail for one or two percentage points. Now that Luke wanted a whole ten percentage points, they were definitely angry. After all, all civilities were already off the table. There was no point in courtesies, and therefore the boards of directors f

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