Chapter 434 Bianca Is Too Capable!

What a bold claim! Did she know what she was saying? Some people might meticulously prepare their presentations, and there would still be errors. Right now, she was going to improvise her presentation! Everyone cast suspicious glances on Bianca, which made her palms wet with sweat. Bianca's grip on the stack of documents in her hands became tighter. Earlier, while she was looking for her missing documents, she found some design sketches in her cabinet. Those were not floor plans or 3D renderings but colored pencil concept sketches done during her free time. Bianca was not professionally trained in illustration, but she possessed certain talents. Moreover, whenever inspiration struck her, she would draw her designs on paper with a sketching pen or colored pencils instead of drawing them on the computer. The thick stack of paper was all her concept sketches for the project. The department lead had commented that Bianca was old-fashioned for sketching on paper, but Bianca

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