Chapter 417 Your Man Is Always Confident In Whatever He Does!

Bianca looked at Luke with her mouth agape. She had thought that Pierre's car crash was purely an accident. She did not expect that it was deliberate. More than that, she had never expected that the man who had a gentle demeanor could be so ruthless. Bianca thought that Luke would use his connections to make sure that Pierre received his due justice under the law. She did not expect that Luke would get a car to crash into him. She could not believe that the man could be chatting so calmly with Percy. Pierre was Percy's younger brother, and Luke could talk to Percy as though nothing happened. Bianca was impressed by Luke's composure. If it were her, Percy's penetrating gaze would have seen through her! Bianca licked her lips and asked worriedly, "Pierre and Percy are brothers. If one day he finds out that you were the one who caused the car crash, won't he become your enemy?" When Luke heard that, he glanced at her supple lips, and his eyes flashed with lust. He kissed

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