Chapter 416 That Is the Way Luke Shows His Love!

Mallory Residence. Luke leaned lazily on the couch. His left hand was hugging the quiet Bianca while his right hand swirled a crystal wine glass. Percy loved alcohol, especially red wine. He had a collection from all over the world. Recently, one of his friends, an earl from England, had given him a crate of high-quality red wine. Percy had invited Luke, Johann, and other good friends to come and have a taste. Luke was not fond of alcohol. He thought that alcohol would impair his judgment. He was willing to entertain Percy and visit him at his house because they were old friends. He had sent the children back home because he would be drinking. Only he and Bianca went to meet Percy. Johann sat on the other couch. He watched Luke put down his wine glass and carefully peel a grape for Bianca. After peeling the grape, Luke fed the grape into Bianca's mouth. Bianca wanted to decline awkwardly, but it was no use. Johann was shocked and even horrified by Luke's display of af

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