Chapter 410 Queenie and Bianca Chatting Together!

The applause in the hall belonged to Bianca. Leia's strode stiffly to the bathroom. Several youths greeted her on her way there, but she did not see them. She also ignored their gossip as she walked past them. "She's just the adopted daughter of Mr. Norman. Why is she so cocky?" In the bathroom, Leia splashed cold water over her face in an attempt to cool herself down. However, it was all in vain. She could not control the feelings of anger and sorrow within her. Leia stared at the woman with the contorted face in the mirror. She could not believe that it was herself. Tears started to flow down her cheeks. Suddenly, she was shocked by the sudden appearance of a rugged and burly man! "Ah… how… how did you get in here? This is the women's bathroom…" Leia stared at the wolf-like gaze of the man with her tearful and bloodshot eyes. In a panic, she wanted to run away, but the man grabbed her delicate wrist! Wayne had suddenly appeared in the bathroom. The man's gaze

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