Chapter 409 Stealing the Spotlight at the Party!

Bianca was nervous while facing Leia's challenge. Her palm in Luke's hand started to sweat. She did not know how to play the piano at all. Bianca looked at Luke for help, but he was extremely calm. Luke squeezed Bianca's hand, indicating that everything would be OK. He smiled and said to Leia, "I'm sorry, my girlfriend hurt her hand yesterday. She won't be able to play for everyone." He lifted Bianca's hand and showed it to everyone. Bianca was peeling an apple for the twins the night before and had accidentally sliced her index finger. It was wrapped with a band-aid, and that was the perfect excuse for not being able to play. The guests nodded in understanding. Luke continued, "She might not be able to play the piano, but she has a sweet voice, and I think she can make it up with a song. As her boyfriend, I shall be her accompaniment." Bianca was shocked. She looked suspiciously at Luke. She was indeed good at singing, but she was extremely shy and had never sung in

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