Chapter 394 He Had Always Hated Being Threatened!

As soon as Bianca arrived at T Corporation, she heard someone shouting anxiously in the lobby on the first floor. "Oh no! Someone is going to jump off the rooftop of Building C! It’s Giovan Sonny, that business owner! Someone, help!” Bianca's face turned pale in an instant. She wanted to follow the person out, but she noticed Luke. "Mr. Sonny, that business owner, he’s trying to kill himself at the rooftop of Building C now..." Bianca blurted. Her mind was blank. Luke grabbed Bianca's wrist and said resolutely. "I know the whole story, don't worry. I'll deal with it. Don't go there." He was afraid that Giovan, in his panic, would hurt innocent people, including Bianca. "I promise I won't be in the way. Let's go over there now. It’ll be bad if the situation worsens,” Bianca said. Luke saw that time was running out. He had no choice but to take Bianca with him. T Corporation had four buildings, A, B, C, and D. Luke's office was in Building A, and Giovan was going to jump off Buil

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