Chapter 393 Kiss me!

Leia was so angry that she hung up the phone. On the other end, after Leia just hung up, Allison called again, that time directly to Luke's phone. Luke answered the call and said tiredly, "What is it, Mom? Why are you calling so late?" Allison said, "Did Leia call you just now? Listen to me, with Leia's help, it’ll be much easier to deal with the arson incident. Be nicer to Leia. She’s a good girl. Not only does she have a good family background, but she’s also beautiful, but the point is that she likes you. She’s more suitable for you than that Bianca. Son, you have to cherish her..." Luke frowned. "Mother, I thought I made it clear! I don't like Leia, and I’ll never be with her! I don’t need Leia’s family’s help on the Greenview Regalia incident. I’ll be able to handle it myself. If that’s all you want to tell me, I’m going to hang up now. I need some rest. Next time, don’t talk to me about how other women are more suitable for me. My wife will be upset." After that, Luke hung u

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