Chapter 381 She Did Not Expect That Bianca Would...

Leia treated Bianca, the designer, as her assistant. Bianca was tasked to fill Leia's water bottle and help her with her lines. Leia even asked her to get coffee from the cafe nearby. She did not give Bianca any chance to rest. Whenever she gave her orders, she did not speak haughtily. Instead, she would gently "beg" and use "Please" to ask for anything, which meant that the other people did not have the chance to criticize her. The employees of the advertising department thought that it was rare for a famous celebrity to behave so humbly. They thought that Bianca should be happy working for her. Normal people would rarely, if ever, get the chance to be a celebrity's assistant. Bianca knew that Leia was purposely making her life difficult, but she tried not to be angry. She was in no position to cross Leia, and she did not want Leia to complain to her father Jack, which might cause trouble for Luke. When she came back with Leia's coffee, she stood next to the director and

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