Chapter 380 Bianca Might Look Docile, But She Has A Sharp Tongue!

T Corporation advertising department. The interior shooting location was beautifully decorated, and all the employees were busy at work. The shoot was for a commercial of T Corporation's latest Queen series perfumes which would be launched after the new year. It was fragrant, long-lasting, and epitomized feminine charm and allure. The theme of the commercial this time was "obsession." When Bianca stepped into the location, she could see that everyone was busy in their roles. Leia was in a see-through outfit and smokey eye makeup. She was in the middle of a shoot. The crew members were busy attending to her. They took a short break during which the cosmetician touched up Leia's makeup. After that, she returned to the scene. Josef, the director, sat behind a high shutter speed camera. He was talking through the walkie-talkie, telling the lighting technician to turn up the brightness. After the lighting was adjusted, he got cameras 1 and 2 to change their positions. Then

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