Chapter 360 Nip Each One In The Bud!

Leia leaned against the wall of the bathroom and almost exploded in anger due to the Persian cat. No matter how much she tried to tempt the cat with the canned cat food, it would not get down from the flower stand! It was a freaking cunning little thing! No matter what, she had to inject the liquid medicine into the cat. Otherwise, she could not go ahead with the next step of her plan! Leia took off her high-heeled boots and climbed barefoot onto the sink. She wanted to grab the cat from the flower stand down herself. Unexpectedly, the snow-white Persian cat seemed to guess her intentions. When Leia had just climbed onto the sink, it jumped off the flower stand directly onto the ground. At the same time, its sharp claws scratched Leia’s white and tender flesh when it passed by her! If Leia had not reacted quick enough and blocked her face with her arm in time, her beautiful face would have been sliced through by that time. Leia almost fell down. Meanwhile, the Persian cat even

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