Chapter 359 A Familiar Face

After Leia took the item from the man's hand, she carefully stuffed it into the pocket of her jacket. She walked toward Blue Honors. When she passed a crossroad, a dirty hand suddenly grabbed the corner of her coat. "Miss, can you do me favor? Can you spare some change?” Leia took off her sunglasses. She frowned in disgust when she saw a shaggy homeless person tugging on the corner of her clothes. The homeless man was drunk and wore a shabby jacket with holes. His clothes were dirty, and his natural skin color was barely visible from all the dirt. His face was in a horrible mess and it seemed as if he had not washed his face for at least a week. Leia could not stand his sloppy and dirty appearance. "Piss off!" Leia rudely kicked the homeless man away with her high-heeled boots. When she saw the stains on the corner of her clothes where the homeless man had touched, Leia's brows furrowed deeper. It seemed that the new coat that she had just bought not long ago was about to be t

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