Chapter 353 The Man She Loves IsOutstanding!

When Bianca was imagining her children's smiling faces, Sue abruptly patted her shoulder. "Hey, look at the silly grin on your face. Were you talking to the boss earlier? You should've seen how gentle your smile was. I'm so jealous!" Bianca knew that Sue was almost thirty years old but remained single. She guessed that Sue must have experienced some trauma in her previous relationship. Many men tried to court her, but she rejected all their advances. Sue was an intelligent and capable individual. Bianca did not know that Sue had an ulterior motive when she tried to be friends with her. However, when Sue got to know more about Bianca, she found out that Bianca was full of personal charm and design talent. Eventually, they became true friends. "It's not him. I was on the phone with Lanie and Rainie earlier." Bianca had always had a good impression of the carefree Sue. Not only Sue had a good personality, but she had also helped Bianca when she was in a pinch. Bianca was gra

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