Chapter 352 Nice to Meet You, My Name Is Bianca

When Bianca was reading the documents, the department lead brought several people into the office. "Let me introduce everyone. This is the design manager from Vivi Group and the core design team." Bianca observed them carefully. The female design manager was in her late thirties, while the others were a lot younger. "Nice to meet you. I am Sue Carter, the design team lead from T Corporation. It's a pleasure to be working with you," Sue said with a smile as she stretched out her right hand. "Yanis Fuller," The female design manager said briskly and lightly shook Sue's hand. Tom also shook hands with Yanis and introduced himself. When it was Bianca's turn, she stretched out her right hand and said, "I am Bianca Rayne. Nice to meet you." Unexpectedly, Yanis glanced at Bianca coldly and did not shake her hand. Bella was feeling rather smug about it. Earlier, when she had the opportunity, she had slandered Bianca in front of Yanis. She said that Bianca had gotten into th

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