Chapter 32 I’ll Make You Like It Even More!

"You like it?” Luke asked in a low voice before picking her up from the bench in one go, his actions rough and hurried. She flew from the bench, her body crashing into a wall of flesh that then held her captive. It took her a while to realize that she had fallen into that man’s firm embrace. “I’ll make you like it even more!” With those words, Luke pressed her against the glass window in the cabin again. High up in the air, he kissed her tender and rosy lips. The soft and cool sensation was plastered against her skin. “Mm…” She felt him suck on her lips. Driven by his temptation, she reached out her arms to hug his sturdy waist… When he felt the woman in his arms reach closed toward him, he opened his thin lips and guided her along. Bianca’s fair little hands first held the man’s waist, then they climbed onto the man’s broad and strong shoulders. Her body reacted honestly; it was clear that she really liked this powerful male body. Her little tongue slipped into his overbearin

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