Chapter 31 Be Good, Stay Still

Luke’s heart and body shuddered. A familiar sensation in his groin made all of his body rush toward his head, and his breathing gradually quickened. Her sweet beauty always managed to attract his eyes. “Ah!” The next moment, Bianca’s feet left the ground again. He suddenly picked her up. Carrying her to the Ferris wheel, Luke withstood the temptation of her small wandering hands and the feeling of her soft lips on his throat… She randomly kissed the skin on his collarbone over and over again. Bianca did not know who this man was. She had even forgotten who she was. Her body’s primal instincts were making her do this, because this was the only way to make her body feel better. Otherwise, that dry agony would torment her, making her wish for death. She was in so much pain. Please, somebody, save her. Her hands were seeking out what she liked, and then she easily pulled apart the third button on the man’s shirt… The top two buttons of Luke’s shirt had been undone to begin with, a

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