Chapter 286 That Was the First Time Luke Climbed Through A Window

Regal Capital. At night, Bianca sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling window after she took a bath. She tilted her head and looked outside. The street lights in the neighborhood were dim, and she could only see several faint shadows. She did not turn on the heater in the house. Bianca was dressed in thin cotton pajamas. It was slightly cold, but that was how she could keep herself conscious… None of the furnishings of the room had changed, but she felt that it was barren and desolate. It was lacking the warmth of her two babies. She was alone, and even the air in the room tasted bitter. She thought of Nina, whose fate was currently unknown, her two children, and Luke, whose temperament had suddenly changed. She buried her head in her knees. … Outside of Bianca's neighborhood, Luke tried to reach her over the phone but to no avail. He knew that Bianca was at home; he had gone to Kevin's former house and found Wanda staying there by herself. She was not at the new ho

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