Chapter 285 Luke Is A Scoundrel Too

Lacey wailed even louder after she heard her husband reprimand her. Eventually, she lifted her head and looked at Daniel. "Now you blame me for pampering the kid, but what have you done? All you know is make money. Sometimes you don't come home at night, and sometimes you fly out for business trips for extended periods. Don't you know your son's personality? Do you think that I alone can discipline him?" "I have to support the family. You don't have a job, so how am I supposed to pay the bills if I don't work hard?" Daniel said. He had toiled hard for the family over so many years, and now his wife was blaming her for not taking care of their son. That made him angry. As Daniel and Lacey argued, Xavier eventually came to. His head that was already throbbing hurt even more when he saw his parents almost getting physical with each other. "Alright, that's enough. Can't you just let me rest?" Xavier said with an annoyed expression. Ever since he was a child, his parents had n

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