Chapter 266 Taking Possession of Bianca

On the television, Mavis was dressed elegantly. Her curly hair was swept to her back, which made her look diligent and capable. Standing next to Luke, they seemed like a match made in heaven. Luke looked directly at the camera with a mature and determined gaze. He remained calm in the face of the reporter's incisive questions. "The restaurants under T Corporation have been maintaining a high standard of quality, the proof of which can be obtained from the FDA. I suspect that there is some other reason that is causing the problems faced by the Regal Chain of Restaurants. We are still investigating whether it is a natural or a man-made cause. Once the results of the investigation are out, T Corporation will host a press conference and give the public a satisfactory answer!" Bianca frowned. The Regal Chain of Restaurants under T Corporation was facing some problems about the quality of their food in Western Europe. The problem was not so much about financial loss, but rather t

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