Chapter 265 She Was Stunned By Luke’s Charisma!

Bianca seemed absent-minded the entire workday. She made many mistakes, and the department lead glared at her. "What's wrong? Is something bothering your mind?" Sue and Nina had asked her. Bianca shook her head and said nothing. Some things were not meant to be shared with other people. She tried to find many reasons to convince herself to trust Luke. Eventually, she could not hold back her doubts anymore and gave Luke a call. She dialed his number several times. The response she always got was, "Sorry, the number you have dialed is not in service." Her heart sank to the bottom of the abyss… She got off work right on time and returned to the apartment. Even though she had two children by her side, Bianca felt that the family was incomplete without a certain someone. The two children ate their dinner silently. She turned on the television. On the television was a news report. The tall and well-built man in her dreams appeared on television. Rainie instantly recog

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