Chapter 243 Two Considerate Children

Leia stirred the coffee in the cup with a spoon. She lifted her head and asked conservatively, "Brother Xavier, what I'm most concerned about are his two children. Where did he get them?" Xavier was surprised. Brother Xavier? That title was too saccharine-sweet. As far as he remembered, the last time Leia called him "Brother Xavier" was when she had recently stepped out of the orphanage and into elite society. She gave everyone appellations such as "Brother" or "Sister." As her social status climbed, she found herself to be equals with Xavier and stopped calling him "Brother." Of course, she could be equals with Xavier because she was Jack Norman and Queenie Zeigler's daughter. In fact, as a Norman, she was of a higher status. Xavier had never considered Leia to be part of his plan in trying to separate Bianca from Luke. However, Xavier quickly thought of something. "To be frank, I don't know where the two children came from, even though my family occasionally talks abo

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