Chapter 242 Who’s the Real King of the Family?

The black Bentley slowly drove out of the hospital. Bianca looked at the two cute children, and her mood brightened instantly. Luke did not look at the children like Bianca did. Instead, he was looking at Bianca's face. Bianca was oblivious to that. The two children clung to their mother and chatted with her ceaselessly. 'Am I not as important as the children?' Luke thought. Suddenly, he was jealous! Rainie pouted and said to Bianca coyly, "When I was three years old, Grand Auntie came over for Christmas and brought her two granddaughters along. They're the same age as me, but they have pretty braids. They told me that their mommy braided their hair for them. Why don't you have a mommy? I was so angry that I cried." Bianca looked at Rainie's aggrieved expression and hugged her tightly. She kissed Rainie's forehead and said, "I'll do your braids for you every day." "Mm, thank you, Mommy!" Rainie snuggled comfortably in her mother's arms. However, the little girl sudd

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