Chapter 236 Take Them to the Police Station!

"A charity foundation that provides financial and medical resources without asking anything in return? That's nothing but Bianca's horrible lie…" Marie chuckled sarcastically and shook her head. "Has anyone from the charity foundation contacted you while you were receiving treatment? Did anyone follow up on your condition? These foundations should have strict procedures. You've used a liver from them. Their people will be keeping a close eye on your condition until the day you die!" Marie's words seemed to make sense. Five years ago, whenever Bianca visited Kevin in the hospital, she did not stay there for too long, in case her father noticed something. She banked on the fact that her father was gravely ill and could not focus his attention on her. That was how she managed to deceive him. She also found a lot of excuses, which her father believed without any doubt. Now that Marie had divulged everything, Kevin must have been able to remember those memories from five years a

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