Chapter 235 Luke’s Insistence and Ruthlessness

"OK. Leave it to me." Walter did not attempt to convince his friend again. Luke was stubborn, and he would not take back anything he said. After that, Walter took his briefcase and left the rooftop. At the same time, Jason was talking to someone over the phone. He nodded, grunted several times, gave the hospital's address, and hung up. He kept his phone, turned around, and saw Luke's horrifyingly sullen face. However, he walked over and said, "The DNA test results are ready, Mr. Crawford." Luke finished the cigarette and stubbed it out. "Pass it to me." Jason nodded, then went downstairs and waited for the authoritative DNA test report. He was not curious about the contents of the report. As Luke's personal assistant, he knew that he had to maintain his professionalism. That included knowing when to look away. If he was curious about everything, he would have been dead a long time ago. … Bianca opened her eyes after Luke and Jason left the ward. It was the first

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