Chapter 226 She’s Nothing But Used Goods

Xavier abruptly stopped when he was inches away from Marie's lips. "I admit that I'm not an animal like him. Otherwise, you'll be bearing a child for me five years ago…" He said, aggrieved. Marie did not take any alcohol and was entirely sober. However, she did not understand what Xavier was talking about. Who was not like an animal? Who was the animal? Who bore a child for someone else five years ago? Marie's passions died down after listening to Xavier's words. Drunk people had a common problem. They would say certain truths that they would not while they were sober! She did not want to miss any truths the drunk man might divulge. She hoped that he would tell her more secrets. "What… are you talking about… ah…" Just when Marie opened her mouth, her passions were rekindled by the man's hand. Xavier brought her to the bed, closed his eyes, and pinned her down. He placed one of his hands behind her head and fondled her cheeks with the other. "Why couldn't you wait for

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