Chapter 225 Luke Crawford, That Animal, Had Laid His Hands On Her First!

Xavier sat on the leather driver's seat in the Porsche Cayenne with his eyes closed and brows tightly furrowed. One of his hands was pressed on his temples, while the other hand held a cigarette which he occasionally took a drag from. Marie wanted to go into the car and explain herself, but she did not find the courage to do so. Xavier's expression was extremely unpleasant at the moment. Now that she had made him angry, she was going to suffer. However, if she did not try to comfort or persuade him, she would suffer equally. Xavier had introduced her to Leia. Leia did not treat her like a human and had even stepped on her fingers. Even if she left Leia, who else would treat her like a human and take care of her? Even Marie did not treat herself like a human. As long as she stood by Leia, perhaps Leia would eventually give her an opportunity to make it big! After the Porsche Cayenne drove away, Marie hailed a cab, got on, and instructed the driver to follow the Porsche.

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