Chapter 190 Luke Crawford Is Furious!

Luke was caught by surprise. Any lucid person capable of reason could understand what was going on from the conversation. "Don't think that I don't know what you're doing inside, Bianca! Let me tell you, I'll be waiting for you in front of the door today! I won't leave unless you open the door! If you want to sneak away, you'd better grow a pair of wings and fly out of the window!" His mother yelled those words while he was making out with Bianca. At that volume, it was impossible for him to ignore it. He did not stop his actions because he thought his mother wanted to stop her son from making out with his cousin's wife. After all, that was against all social norms. However, after his mother stepped into the house, she had said, "Not bad. Did you manage to lure in a bigshot?" Luke knew that something was amiss from those words. He could not exactly tell what was wrong, but he knew that his mother came to Bianca's house for a totally different reason than what he expecte

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