Chapter 189 The Adulterer Is Her Own Son!

Outside the door, Allison's gaze moved from the phone screen back to the door. Her feminine instincts told her that something was not quite right since the morning. 'Bianca called me but did not say a word… 'What is she trying to do? 'Also, I thought I heard… soft moans? 'Were they from Bianca?' A chill went down Allison's spine when she thought of that! "Open the door now, Bianca! Open the door!" Allison could not wait to see who the other adulterer was. Before she got there, she had given a call to her brother to confirm that Xavier, their son, was still sleeping upstairs. Allison also knew that it was impossible for her son to be in the house. Jason had said that his boss had worked overtime for the past two days. After work, he would sleep in the office. According to Jason, Luke worked overtime so that he did not have to bring any work to the small town and could give all his attention to Bianca. Allison was resentful. Since when had she, Lanie, or Rainie, e

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