Chapter 146 Her Cheeks Turned Bright Red

Bianca looked up and saw Xavier. "How’s Grandpa doing?" Xavier did not disturb Bianca and the little guy. He walked straight toward the front of the bed. No one answered his question. Bianca instinctively put her guard up. The little guy at her feet held her thigh and raised his head. He mouthed without making any noise, “Don’t be scared, Aunt Bea. Daddy will be back soon.” Xavier sat in front of the bed and looked at the old man with the scabs on his face. He could not help but feel resentful. How could those people hurt the old man like that? However, if he had not been hurt, Xavier would not have been able to force Bianca to obey him. After thinking about it, he started to have an internal struggle. ‘Is it wrong to do whatever it takes to achieve my goal? Or is it human nature to do so? If you’re not ruthless, you’ll miss out a lot.’ Grandpa woke up. He weakly asked, "Xavier, you’re here?" "Grandpa." Bianca came over and hurriedly put a pillow behind Grandpa's head. Xavier

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