Chapter 145 We Slept Together

Luke stood at the door. She was not sure if the man was standing there intentionally, but her way out was blocked. There was just a door, but his body was firmly blocking the way… Allison sat on the sofa and remained silent. She let the Tanner family speak first. Her brother had the first say, then her sister-in-law could add on. On the Crawfords’ side, she had Old Master Crawford. She did not have the place to speak at all. That moment, her son, who was the head of their household, came over. Everyone who was human in the living room did not speak. Allison wanted to move things on faster. No one wanted to get rid of Bianca more than she did. In the end, she could not help it anymore. Allison got up from the sofa and walked to the door to take Blanche over. At the same time, she said to the two people who were blocking the doorway. "Sit down. Xavier should be back soon." "Grandpa called me over. What's the matter?" Luke's calm voice sounded. He heeded his mother’s words, went t

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