Chapter 140 I Need A Wife

There were faint red marks on Bianca's face which were particularly eye-catching. Sue sat in front and was nearer to the boss. She held a signing pen and did not dare to look her boss in the eye, even more so than usual. The air-conditioning in the conference room was on full blast, but when their boss’ face darkened, the room felt colder. It was as if the air had condensed into an invisible layer of ice, freezing everyone's expressions. "What's happened to your face?" In the silent atmosphere, the boss suddenly asked calmly. No one dared to answer. Since the head of their department had not arrived yet, as the team leader, Sue had to put on a bold face and tell her boss in detail, “A male colleague suddenly went crazy and grabbed a bunch of folders to hit Bianca in the face." It was a serious meeting and not a private one. Bianca looked up and said, "It's nothing. Thank you for your concern, Mr. Crawford." When Sue heard that, her heart cracked! Bianca was acting too distant.

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