Chapter 139 Crazy Or Having A Manic Episode?

Bianca entered the subway. On the way from Luke's apartment to the subway station, she did not look back, but she knew that Luke was following her the entire way quietly. He was still worried about her. The train moved, and after many stops, it finally arrived at her destination. Bianca went down and walked toward the exit. … Her neighborhood. Bianca saw the police and Jason. She walked toward Jason. After Jason saw her, he stopped smoking and turned around to look at her. Initially, he thought that she was with Mr. Crawford. "Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Doyle. Go back and rest," Bianca said gratefully and sincerely. Jason knew that his job was to do things for other people. However, it was the first time someone had verbally thanked him, so he could not help but be a little embarrassed. "It's fine. If you want to thank someone, thank Mr. Crawford." He would never forget to give credit to his boss. "Bea!" Sue got out of the car with a laptop in her hands. Bianca raise

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