Chapter 122 The Photos Of The Three Of Them Were Taken!

Luke heard his son muttering noisily outside the bathroom, including the words, ‘for emergency contraception.’ He took the box that said it was for emergency contraception from his son's hand. Luke looked at the small rectangular medicine box in his hand, his thoughts shifting to his arm that Bianca had stabbed yesterday. He did touch her, but it was only an angry-driven vent for revenge. In the end, he could not do it. Blanche and Rainie washed up, went to the hallway, and crouched down to put on their shoes. Then, they obediently waited for Daddy to go out for breakfast together. Jason had been waiting downstairs from a long time ago with the black Bentley RV behind him. Since his boss had injured his arm, Jason was responsible to do all the things for him as his assistant. Even though Luke hurt one of his arms, he still carried his daughter when he walked out. Jason opened the vehicle door for his boss to put the child in his arms into the vehicle. Not long after the car drov

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