Chapter 121 He Wanted Her To Want Him Willingly

When she looked at the glass of water, Bianca felt thirsty as well for some reason. After he kissed her for almost the entire night, her lips were now dry and swollen. She took the cup of water and drank it. She then put the glass down before getting out of bed. When she walked to the bathroom, she seemed to remember something and suddenly looked back. However, before she could ask where her clothes were, the man pulled her into his arms with one of his hands while his other big hand wrapped around her lower waist tightly. He went in for a hot kiss. She exhausted all her strength to resist him. When she tried to grab his strong resisting arm, she felt something sticky… When she turned to look at her hand, it turned out that his sleeves on his night robe had been stained with blood. Since his night robe was dark in color, she almost could not tell. When his frantic kiss spread from her cheek to her lips, then to her neck, she saw that all her fingers were stained with the blood on

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